About Revive

Revive is a high-tech oil fortifier proved to improve performance and exponentially extend the life of any lubricated equipment, from engines and gear boxes to hydraulic systems, fans, and beyond. Revive bonds at a molecular level with oil, creating a tenacious matrix that forms a bond of lubrication, reduces friction, and enhances power delivery. Revive is highly concentrated, 100 percent petroleum-based, and has a cost-per-application ratio that is, by far, the best in the industry.

Primary Benefits

Reduces costly maintenance and minimizes production downtime Increases the load-carrying capabilities of moving parts and bearings Extends the life of all moving parts Increases fuel economy Maintains efficiency at elevated operating temperatures Reduces harmful environmental emissions when used routinely


Any industry where exceptional lubrication is essential for productivity can benefit from Revive, including manufacturing, metal fabrication, agriculture, automotive, racing, transportation, mining and refining, healthcare, and marine. From barges to metal pulverizers, Revive enhances performance and extends the life of equipment and minimizes costly downtime.


Ironically, the same mechanical motion that delivers equipment performance unforgivably damages the machine. This daily wear and tear is caused by friction. Costly downtime, complicated repairs, and expensive replacement parts all can be traced back to this mechanical ravager. One proven way to fight friction is to increase lubricity. A smooth operating system can lengthen the life of the machine and decrease operating costs.

The Mix

Revive is a superconcentrated multipurpose oil fortifier that bonds at the molecular level with oil, creating a tenacious matrix that coats moving parts, reduces heat and friction, and allows for a smooth power delivery. Because of the inseparable bonds and film strength, the mix will not dissipate under high temperatures; this protects the machine even under the most adverse conditions.

Application Ratio

While many products claim to reduce friction, most require a 20 percent to 30 percent application ratio. Revive achieves its advanced lubricity results with more than two-thirds less product. On average, customers can expect a 3 percent application ratio, enhancing performance while cutting costs.

Environmentally Conscious

Manufactured with environmental awareness, Revive is a 100 percent petroleum-based product and contains no controversial solids that can harm or disrupt mechanical performance. Some oil additives resort to solids such as Teflon, lead, or graphite to smooth resistance. However, these components bond with the metal — not the oil — which can lead to unnecessary wear. Also, by decreasing friction, Revive reduces emissions.