The Technology

How does Revive improve equipment performance and fuel efficiency and extend equipment life?

Revive drastically reduces friction between moving parts. With less friction, equipment and engines operate more efficiently and don't have to work as hard to maximize results, meaning it consumes less fuel, generates less mechanical heat, and wears down parts more slowly.

Will Revive bond to metal surfaces?

No, but Revive tenaciously clings to metal surfaces with a boundary lubrication that minimizes harmful friction. With Revive's extremely high film strength, it coats moving parts much longer than conventional oils and essentially "polishes" the moving parts instead of bonding to them.

Does Revive contain any metals?

Absolutely not. Formulated with environmental awareness, 100 percent petroleum-based Revive does not contain Teflon coating, graphite, lead, or other controversial solids that may contaminate engines.

Does Revive change the viscosity of the oil it fortifies?

With the minimal amount used, the change in viscosity is insignificant. 

What is the difference between a fortifier and an additive?

Revive fortifies whatever oil it mixes with by forming a molecular bond with the oil. It becomes homogeneous with the oil, unlike additives, which are often not entirely absorbed and remain in suspension and eventually break down and contaminate the engine.