The Basics

What is Revive?

Revive is an oil fortifier proved to increase performance and exponentially extend the life of any lubricated industrial equipment, from engines and gear boxes to hydraulic systems, fans, and beyond. Revive is highly concentrated, 100 percent petroleum-based, and has a cost-per-application ratio that is, by far, the best in the industry.

How does Revive work?

By bonding molecularly with the oil, Revive creates a tenacious matrix that reduces heat and friction and allows for a smooth power delivery. Because of the inseparable bonds and film strength, Revive will not dissipate under high temperatures; this protects moving parts even under the most adverse conditions.

Where can Revive be used?

Revive can increase the performance while reducing the maintenance and operating expenses of any equipment or engines that use oil.

What are the benefits of using Revive?

 Revive fights friction and extends the life of all moving parts. It delivers easier starts — even in cold weather — with improved power, helps save on fuel and operating expenses, attacks gum varnish on sticky valves, and cuts down on expensive downtime and routine maintenance.

How does Revive's application ratio compare with the competition?

While many products claim to reduce friction, most require a 20 percent to 30 percent application ratio. Revive achieves its advanced lubricity results with more than two-thirds less product. On average, you can expect a 3 percent application ratio, enhancing performance while cutting costs.

Which industries are using Revive?

Revive has customers across industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, marine, rail, trucking, mining and refining, and racing. It is also popular for commercial use in automobiles, lawn mowers, power tools, and other home applications.

How does Revive compare with its competitors with regard to environmental responsibility?

Revive is made with environmental awareness and is 100 percent petroleum-based, which means it contains no controversial solid contaminants. It also significantly improves fuel efficiency and extends equipment life, reducing fuel consumption and extending the life of equipment. By decreasing friction, Revive reduces emissions.

Where is Revive manufactured?

 Revive is manufactured and distributed by Lubri-Loy, which has headquarters in St. Louis, Mo. (USA), and maintains blending facilities in Houston, St. Louis, and Los Angeles.