The Application

What kind of equipment can benefit from Revive?

Virtually any equipment that traditionally needs oil can benefit from Revive: engines, transmissions, gear boxes, hydraulic systems, and the like. Revive spans industries, enhancing equipment in manufacturing, metal fabrication, agriculture, healthcare, marine, mining and refining, rail, trucking, and racing.

Can Revive be used in any engine?

Yes, Revive improves the performance of all types of engines, including gasoline, diesel, and propane.

What types of oil does Revive mix with?

Revive can be used in any type of equipment or engine that uses oil, including those that use motor oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, compressor and generator oil, synthetic oil, etc.

Does Revive mix with gasoline and other fuels?

No, Revive is a petroleum product that fortifies oils, not gasoline or other fuels. Do not mix Revive with fuels.

What ratio of Revive is used to gain expected efficiency in the following equipment?

Engine 1 oz. per quart
Gear box, Diff., Man. Tran 1 1/2 oz. per quart

Auto Transmission 1/3 oz. per quart
Hydraulics 1/2 oz. per quart

How is Revive used in a two-cycle engine?

Pre-mix 1 ounce of Revive with 1 quart of two-stoke oil, then use the manufacturer's ratio of oil-to-gas mixture. It also works in Oil Injection Systems with the same 1 oz Revive to 1 qt. 2 cycle oil. 

How often should Revive be added?

Each time you change your oil or corresponding fluid.

Can Revive be used in new equipment or engines that have not been broken in yet?

Follow the equipment or engine manufacturer's break-in procedure; use Revive when it's time for the first oil change.

Is it ever beneficial to use Revive at full strength?

Only as a pre-assembly lube or without an oil reservoir; use direct application with a needle oiler for hinges and other friction surfaces.